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Lighting Control

We offer state-of-the-art lighting control systems specifically for homes and businesses. Lighting control systems provide energy savings and peace of mind by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication. Our advanced lighting control system offers increased security by allowing you to set up time-based schedules.

With a digital lighting control system, clients can set individual lighting scenes for their entire property from any touchscreen or keypad location.  "All On" and "All Off" scenes can add peace of mind at night while preventing trips downstairs to check the lights.  Preparing a home for entertaining is simple with a programmed scene that brightens the deck, highlights the artwork, and dims the kitchen as guests arrive.

Shade Control

At Creative Systems, we believe that there is a shading control system that suits you and your lifestyle. Gone are the days of using window shades only to block the sunlight. Use programmed presets to your advantage by allowing your system to open/close shades during the day to control room temperature. Different seasonal presets help save additional energy beyond routine use of shades.

Not only are our shading solutions beautifully designed and a visual asset to your décor, but, it is an investment for your expensive furnishings as it prevents damage from harsh UV rays.

We design motorized shades to suit the taste of your home and with our guarantee of a perfect fit.... What else could you be waiting for?

Systems - Shades