About Us

Our mission statement is to continuously set the industry standard in design and installation of sophisticated, high-end audio, video, and control systems through advanced engineering and design, superior installation, and unparalleled service to our clients. As New England’s premier audio, video and communications integration firm, Creative Systems provides home theater, multi-room audio and video, home automation, lighting control systems and much more. All of our systems are designed to take advantage of the latest technology while merging seamlessly with the needs, lifestyles and budgets of our clients.

Steve Collotta


As Founder and President, Steve drives the enthusiasm and passion of the Company. Heeding the advice of “loving what you do”, Steve started Creative Systems in 1982 and has since grown Creative into a company of impeccable work quality and business ethics.

Steve’s extensive technical knowledge encompasses all the products and services Creative provides. Steve remains actively involved in every project and he takes attention to detail to the highest level. His ability to stay ahead of the technology and design systems and controls that meet and surpass expectations earns the respect and loyalty of our very discerning customers. Steve and co-owner wife Joy bring the family atmosphere and dedication to both the company and our customers.

Karen Bowman

Director of Internal Operations

Director of Internal Operations surely encompasses a great deal, and proudly, Karen excels at managing Customer Service, Accounting and Purchasing. Our job and billing records are impeccable, and the positive and efficient attitudes in our front office makes Creative Systems the rare type of company with availability to our staff along with the knowledge to answer any questions.

Karen started with Creative Systems in 1998. Karen implemented most of the processes that keeps Creative running as an efficient team of professionals. Karen and her staff are dedicated to supporting the sales team, field personnel and most importantly, customers. Karen brings tremendous talent to Creative enhanced by a Bachelor’s degree from Framingham State College.

Ryan Stewart

Director of Field Operations

For 19 years with Creative Systems, Ryan has grown through the ranks in practically every position in the company.  His involvement has greatly contributed to our growth through the quality of work Ryan aspires to. Ryan’s talent and knowledge of project management and hands on installation is exceeded only by his dedication, charm and outstanding interpersonal skills.  This contributes to making Creative the “go to” company for architects, builders and customers.

In many ways, Ryan’s involvement in projects is the reason Creative Systems is the referral of choice of other professionals and tradesmen on the jobs.  Ryan is efficient, cooperative, pleasant and his follow through is exceptional.

Manager of Engineering

Christopher Burke

Manager of Engineering

Chris has been results-driven and successful in the design and engineering management of a broad range of our projects. His chief responsibility lies in engineering design; from creation, to maintenance of schematics and drawings for our medium to large projects, including defining, designing, testing, programming, troubleshooting and providing support for our clientele.

Senior Project Manager

Mark Rosa

Senior Project Manager

Mark Rosa has been with Creative Systems since 1998 and has held numerous roles within the company. He has greatly contributed to Creative System's success, growth and positive reputation. Mark works closely with Installers, Engineers, Programmers and Technicians to ensure each project is completed to the high-standards that Creative Systems is well known for. In addition, Mark works closely with Builders, Architects and Designers in order to achieve the end-result that the Client expects.

Mark has been a dedicated employee and continues to exceed expectations. Thanks to his committment, Mark Rosa has positively effected Creative Systems processes, operations and reputation.